Silicone Wine Cups

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12oz Silicone Wine Cups 

* NEVER BREAK ANOTHER WINE GLASS - Enjoy a stress-free drink by the pool, at the beach or anywhere you don’t want the fear of broken glass ruining your day

* DON'T LET HARMFUL CHEMICALS NEAR YOU OR YOUR DRINK - We use only 100% top rated Food-Grade Silicone material and a platinum curing process. Many knockoffs use a cheaper and potentially dangerous, peroxide curing process that can leave behind unknown contaminants in these silicone wine glasses

* EASY TO CLEAN - Just toss ‘em in the dishwasher, top or bottom shelf, or clean the same way you clean your other drink ware

* STUFF ‘EM IN YOUR BACKPACK, PURSE, BEACH BAG OR POCKET so you can have your favorite beverage on a boat, at the beach, wedding, bachelor or bachelorette parties, traveling, hiking, camping, RVing, or anywhere your active lifestyle takes you

Silicone | BPA free food grade