*Kids* Progress Not Perfection Wristband

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Story This wristband is one of my favorite releases so far this year, because it’s a great reminder for everyone. No one person is ever going to be perfect, we all have flaws. By focusing on progress, we can start to create a growth mindset as we reach for the goals we set.  As long as you try, you’re making progress. No matter how small it may be, it all adds up in the end. Trying to be a perfectionist can get in the way of making progress and positive changes.  In this New Year, I encourage everyone to focus on progress not perfection in order to put yourselves on a path to success, instead of stress! Remember, the path to success isn't a straight line but an ongoing part of life itself, so don’t be so hard on yourself, because you’re doing great already.  It is my hope that this wristband reminds you of that everyday! Mersadie Root Artist Alek Newton